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Auto Upholstery in Orange County

Everything you need to know about upholstery repairs in Southern OC

When you get into your car, nothing is more frustrating than an interior that is falling apart. Sagging headliners, disintegrating door panels, and car seats that have cuts and tears are common problems that rapidly degrade the value of your car.

The good news is that getting high-quality car upholstery repairs, headliner repairs, car seat stitching repairs, and door panel repairs in Orange County is easier than you think! Here at Recon Pros, we offer unparalleled customer service and flawless repairs for a phenomenal price! Don't believe us? Just click HERE to reach out for a free quote!

Not sure if you need your upholstery repaired or replaced? Curious about what you need to do next? Just keep reading, and we'll tell you everything you need to know to reupholster car seats!

Should I repair or replace my upholstery?

It's the first question that you have when you're looking at your damaged or unsightly upholstery. Maybe you think that your scratch or tear is too big to be repaired. However, unless you're a qualified upholsterer, you won't know for sure.

Often significant cuts and tears can be repaired with a patch kit, and if your stitching is falling out, then a car seat stitching repair might be all you need! And those stains that have been festering in your cars upholstery for years? Sometimes all they need is a professional cleaning.

And if your only problem is that your headliner is sagging, chances are we can remount it and send you on your way!

How do you find out if your car's upholstery needs repairs or if you need to replace it? From car upholstery repairs to headliner repairs, we can professionally evaluate your upholstery and let you know exactly what you need to get your car looking like new! Simply reach out to us HERE, and we'll work with you to figure out precisely what you need!

Here at Recon Pros, we do it all. Curious about our quality of work? Check out some of our past jobs HERE.

What about leather upholstery?

The luxurious look and feel of leather upholstery helps to set your car apart. But cracks and tears ruin the high-end look that leather provides. The good news is that if your leather upholstery is worn out and in need of repairs or replacement, we have you covered there too!

When you think about upholstering your car, fabric upholstery is often what comes to mind. However, we can repair leather upholstery too! Whether you need a patch kit or a car seat stitching repair, Recon Pros offers exceptional work to get leather looking like new!

Furthermore, leather wears out too! So, if you're not getting the clean crisp feel that you

got when you first sat in your automobile, getting your upholstery reconditioned is a great way to remedy that!

But what if your leather upholstery is already too far gone? Sometimes the tears and stains are just too much to be repaired. At Recon Pros, we can replace the leather upholstery on your car seat, so you aren't stuck replacing the entire seat.

Whether you want to match the other leather upholstery in your car or want it all replaced to give your vehicle a new look, we have you covered!

Repairing/replacing headliners

Do you have a headliner that is falling down or is stained up? Improve the value and look of your car by getting your headliner repaired! Headliners are often one of the first parts of your upholstery that start to fall apart. That's because a lot of headliners are glued to the ceiling of your car, and as the car ages, that glue begins to deteriorate.

After reading that, you might be asking yourself, "why can't I just glue it back up?". But you'll find that if you try to glue it back up yourself, it might make one heck of a mess.

That's because some headliners have holes closely spaced throughout them. That's why professional upholsterers utilize a unique spray adhesive to complete your headliner repair.

Moreover, if you don't line it up right the first time, you'll be stuck with a headliner that has air bubbles that you just can't get out without tearing the headliner down again. Save yourself the frustration and get one of the professionals at Recon Pros to repair it for you.

But what if your headliner is all torn up and starting to fall apart? If your headliner is beginning to fall apart, a headliner repair isn't going to cut it. That means you're going to need to get it replaced.

A headliner replacement is a little more complicated than a headliner repair. That's because headliners don't typically come cut out for a specific vehicle. That means it needs to be measured out and cut to the exact dimensions to look right. When you realize that you need to cut out spaces for lights and everything else on the ceiling of your car, you'll find it's easy to mess up.

And even if you do get everything cut out exactly right, you'll need to glue it up perfectly or else you'll be stuck pulling it all back down to try again.

Not sure if you need a headliner repair or replacement? Reach out by clicking HERE, and we'll help you get it all figured out!

Repairing/replacing door panels

When it comes to upholstery, it's not just about the seats and headliners. At Recon Pros, we know that getting your car looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor means taking care of every part of your automobile's interior.

That's why we offer top of the line door panel repair and replacements. Whether your door panel is cracked or simply falling off, we have you covered. Furthermore, if you need to reupholster your car's door panel or its trim, we can handle that too!

So, how do you know if you need to replace your door panel or if you can just repair it? Well, it depends on the type of door panel that you have and the extent of the damage to it.

If your door panel is simply falling off, you MIGHT just need some new body clips and be good to go. But if you have a cracked plastic door panel, chances are you're going to be stuck replacing it.

Furthermore, when evaluating potential door panel repairs, you need to determine the exact part of your damaged door panel. Typically, you can replace door handles and locks individually, meaning you won't need to replace your entire door panel.

And if you have a door panel with a cloth or leather upholstery along the trim or on the body of the panel itself, the door panel repair might be a little easier. That's because we can potentially repair the upholstery or replace it without removing the door panel itself.

Should I replace my car seat or reupholster it?

Deciding if you simply want to replace your car seat or get it reupholstered comes down to a couple of simple questions. The first question is, "is there anything wrong with the seat itself?". Typically, the upholstery wears out far quicker than the seat itself. That means there's a good chance that's there's nothing wrong with the seat itself.

And if you're comparing getting your car seat replaced to upholstering it, upholstery is far cheaper. Furthermore, if you're looking to reupholster all of your seats, you can choose from a much more extensive selection of colors and styles.

Usually, replacement seats only come in factory colors. That means when you're looking to reupholster car seats, you can get a far more comprehensive range of customization and personalization options.

Which leads to the next question that you need to answer, "why am I looking to reupholster/replace my car seats?". If you're looking to add a touch of style to your car, or if you're simply trying to repair your damaged upholstery, chances are you aren't going to want to replace your car seat.

That's because not only can you get a broader range of customization options when you reupholster car seats, but it's also far cheaper than replacing your entire seat. And if you're only looking at getting one section of your car upholstered, Recon Pros can match your existing upholstery too!

And if the stitching on your car seat is falling apart, we can complete a car seat stitching repair for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire upholstery!

However, if you're not happy with the underlying style of the seat or if it's damaged, you'll need to get the entire seat replaced.

How do we do it?

At Recon Pros, we have a team of professional upholsterers that can handle any job! But how exactly do they do it?

Each job comes with its own set of challenges. Still, we always start by evaluating the job and communicating with the customer about the options and costs associated with them. We pride ourselves in unmatched customer service skills, and that starts with an honest, upfront evaluation of your vehicle.

For car upholstery repairs, we start by determining if we can repair the existing damage or if we need to replace it. If it only needs to be repaired, we get started with a patch kit or by stitching everything. Of course, we match the colors and materials, so when we complete the job, you won't be able to tell that it was damaged before!

Meanwhile, if the upholstery needs replaced, we get started measuring everything out to make sure it fits perfectly! After we have our measurements, we work with the customer to pick out the perfect materials.

Whether you just want the previous upholstery matched, or if you're going to put your sense of style into the new upholstery, we can handle it.

Once we cut everything out, we stitch the seams before installing them into your vehicle. It might sound easy, but getting it done right requires a professional's touch. And with years of experience, you can rest assured that we'll get it done right the first time, saving you time and money.

Once we install everything, it goes through a rigorous quality control process. Recon Pros only puts out the highest-quality work and doesn't put up with anything less.


When you're looking at getting your car's upholstery repaired, it might seem a little overwhelming. Trying to track down the best repair shops in the area that aren't going to rip you off can seem impossible.

But rest easy, because when you're looking for the best car upholstery repair and replacement shop in Orange County, Recon Pros is where you need to go. Have a custom job/design you want for your upholstery? We can handle it! No job is too big or too small!

And if you're thinking of selling your vehicle, nothing will improve the value quicker than a top-notch reupholstery job. Nobody wants to spend a ton of money on a car that looks like it's falling apart on the inside. But with brand-new upholstery, you'll make your money back with ease!

Do you think you have a job we can't handle? Think again! For a full list of the services, we offer click HERE. And if you want to see some pictures of work we've completed in the past we have you covered there too!

Simply follow this LINK to see before and after pictures! Get your car looking like new again so you can cruise around Southern OC in style!

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