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Headliners can be a big problem when they start sagging or tearing. It may interfere with your complete vision of the road and cause a safety hazard. At Recon Pros Auto Upholstery and Reconditioning we can replace that old sagging headliner with a new cloth, vinyl or suede headliner. Our work is fast and guaranteed and in most cases can be done the same day!

Convertible Tops

A squeaking, discolored , non-working, torn convertible top can be a source of frustration to your driving experience. Let us replace or repair it with a new factory OEM convertible top. Most repairs can be completed the same day! 

Leather Seat Repair/Replacement

Many times your vehicle may be in great shape except for that one area on your leather seat. Because of repeatedly getting in and out, your seat may start to wear, discolor or even tear. With our expertise we can either repair or replace that area for less than what a complete new seat cover would cost. Unfortunately, there are times that a new seat cover would be the best choice and we can also take care of that as well.  Perhaps you desire a complete interior change, such as a full leather conversion.  Our Designers are here to assist.  We have a wide variety of fabrics, colors and design ideas to choose from. 

Odor Elimination

Because we tend to spend a lot of time in our vehicles, odors may begin to build up over time. This may be caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, food spillage, smoke, coffee, juice, pet urine, pet hair, etc.  These elements may seep into the carpet and headliner and leave a long-lasting odor.

No need to worry, we can eliminate that odor. Our process involves a deep penetrating vapor release which is eco-friendly green technology which deodorizes and decontaminates; not just a "mask" the smell remedy with some sweet smelling aerosol. 

Auto Reconditioning

Many people take pride in the appearance of their vehicle. We specialize in leather/vinyl repair and reconditioning, cigarette burn hole repair, steering wheel repair, carpet re-dying, door panel repair and more.  At Recon Pros Auto Upholstery and Reconditioning we are committed to utilizing our training, specialized tools, products and techniques to produce exceptional results.  

With over 25 years of reconditioning experience we can get your vehicle looking like new again!

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