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Auto Upholstery Laguna Hills

Were you looking for auto upholstery services in Laguna Hills? Then you came to the right website! Our company, Recon Pros Auto Upholstery & Reconditioning, has been in business for more than 25 years now and we have helped thousands of clients in the entire Orange County area. We offer a multitude of services for any car brand, for both the interior and the exterior.

Some of our most sought after services are:

- Headliner repair

- Damaged convertible top repair

- Leather seat repair or replacement

- Odor elimination

- Auto reconditioning

- Paintless dent removal

- Carpet cleaning

- Ceramic Coating

- Bumper repair and much more

Saggy Headliner Laguna Hills

Years are putting their toll on a car, and things slowly start to break down or to fail. The headliner is no exception, even though it’s not as heavily used as other car parts. As years go by and the car spends more time in the sun and is exposed to heat, the headliner starts to come loose.

The headliner is a piece of fabric fitted to the roof of the car on the inside, and it has the purpose of insulating against heat, cold and noise. It is usually made of a smooth and soft fabric that is pleasing to the touch.

The problem is not with the headliner itself, but with the glue used to keep it there. Because of exposure the heat, the glue loses its holding power and the headliner begins sagging.

Headliner Repair Laguna Hills

So what should you do if you are living in Laguna Hills and have a saggy headliner on your car? Should you try to fix it yourself or go to a specialist? Sure, you can find plenty of tutorials on Youtube, but the process is not as simple as it looks. You can end up making things worse and then having to replace the headliner completely. And this will definitely boost up your costs, as a new headliner can be quite expensive.

That’s why it is recommended to get the help of a specialist, and Recon Pros Auto Upholstery & Reconditioning is here to help. Our team of experts will make sure to do everything possible in order to save the old headliner so you won’t need to get a new one. You will be informed about the process and the costs depending on the problem you are having.

Auto Upholstery Laguna Hills

For all types of upholstery and reconditioning services in Orange County, including headliner repair or replacement, contact Recon Pros today! Our experienced technicians will gladly assist you and fix your problem. Our goal is to provide the best services by working only with the best materials. This way you are getting a job that lasts for years.

No job is too big or too small for us, and we can work with cars, boats, trucks, vans, RVs and even planes. You can find out more info on our website or give us a call at (949) 276-2242.

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