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Car Upholstery Dana Point

Were you looking for car upholstery services in Dana Point? Then you came to the right place. Our company is in business for 25 years now and we served thousands of customers all over the Orange County. Our technicians are well experienced and they can provide a wide range of services.

Recon Auto Pros can repair or replace the following:

- Headliners

- Convertible tops

- Leather seats

- Bad odors

- Damaged tires

- Suspension kits

- Paintless dents

- Headlights

- Carpets

- Paint

- Bumpers

- And more!

Steering Wheel Is Coming Apart

A new car is awesome and everything works perfectly, but as years go by, multiple auto parts begin to deteriorate. And the steering wheel is definitely one of them, as it is always in contact with dirty hands, body perspiration and direct sun light.

Having a faded steering wheel will reduce the value and the overall good look of your car, while a torn one simply looks horrible. So it is important to take action as soon as you notice the first signs of damage, and not let it advance further.

Steering Wheel Repair / Replacement

So what should you do if your steering wheel is torn, faded or coming apart? You can take the “easy” way and try to fix it yourself with some magical solution from the supermarket or follow a DIY tutorial from the internet. But in this case you might do more harm than good and end up totally destroying a beautiful leather steering wheel. So not only you will have wasted your time trying to fix it and spent money on who knows what solutions, but then you will also have to buy a new one.

So instead of throwing away your time and your money, just get the help of a professional upholstery and reconditioning company like Recon Pros. Our experienced technicians will begin by inspecting the particularities of your own car and steering wheel, and will come up with a solution. We will let you know about what needs to be done and you will be informed about the costs upfront. On the long term you will end up paying less than for a brand new steering wheel, especially if you have an old car model that is hard to find nowadays.

Car Upholstery Dana Point

For all types of upholstery and reconditioning services in Dana Point, contact Recon Pros today! You can find out more info on our website or give us a call at (949) 276-2242.

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