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Convertible Tops El Toro

If your are in need of convertible tops repair or replacement services in El Toro, then you came to the right place. Recon Pros are here to solve all of your upholstery and reconditioning issues, so keep on reading this article to find out more.

As years go by, time really puts its toll on a car. The headliner might get loose and saggy, the convertible top might get torn, discolored or squeaky, leather seats might get broken, tires, suspensions and bumpers might get damaged and the list goes on and on. No matter the type of car you own, at one point something will need to be repaired or replaced, and that’s where we come in.

Convertible Tops Repair

Having a convertible car is a lot of fun and it allows you to feel the wind running through your hair on those warm summer days. But feeling the rain on your head while driving with the top closed is the first sign you may need convertible top repair in El Toro.

The idea is to fix the convertible top as soon as something happens, and not let it get more damaged to the point where it needs to be replaced. That is a very expensive job, so on the long-term you will end up much cheaper if you just fix it when the problem appears.

Signs of a Broken Convertible Top

You don’t need to be a professional to notice when this auto part is damaged. Here are some warning signs:

- Rust on the frame – look at the areas of exposed metal and search for any rust. Even if the convertible top is covered in upholstery, you can still see places of discolored material, which means that there is rust underneath. Handle this issue as soon as possible, to keep it from spreading

- Mold or mildew – this can sometimes be confused with a dirty spot, so that’s why it is important to clean your convertible top regularly. Just like rust, mold or mildew can spread quickly so it’s better to take action from the first signs of infestation

- Mechanical trouble – if the convertible top is not working as it should be, if it’s squeaking

or the motor sounds unusual, it’s time to get it checked. Don’t keep on using it like this, as it might get more damaged in time

Convertible Tops El Toro

For all types of upholstery and reconditioning services in El Toro, including convertible top repair, contact Recon Pros today! Our experienced technicians will gladly assist you and fix your problem. Our goal is to provide the best services by working only with the best materials. This way you are getting a job that lasts for years.

No job is too big or too small for us, and we can work with cars, boats, trucks, vans, RVs and even planes. You can find out more info on our website or give us a call at (949) 276-2242.

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