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Paint Protection Orange County

Looking for paint protection services in Orange County? Then look no more! Recon Pros can fix both the interior and exterior of your car, and we have been handling upholstery and reconditioning services in Orange County for 25 years now. We tackle a wide variety of problems, and can fix both the interior and the exterior of your car, making it look like brand new.

Paint Touch Up

If you want to remove the scratches from your car, then no DIY home solutions would help. What you need is a professional who can remove the scuffs and fix the paint, making it look like brand new again. Recon Pros can definitely help you with that, but that’s not all.

Scratches and scuffs are inevitable, and no matter how careful you are, they will happen at one point. Most of the times it doesn’t even depend on you, as your car can get scratched by others without your knowledge.

Paint Protection Films

So if you want to be prepared for the unexpected and avoid having your paint scratched, it’s a great idea to have an automotive paint protection film (PPF). Applied by a professional, this film can protect your vehicle against scratches, scuffs, UV exposure, acid rain, mineral deposits, bird droppings, bug splatter and more.

The materials have evolved over time, and the PPF is very advanced today. We won’t get into the materials and other technical details here, but the idea is that you can have your paint protected, without anyone noticing a thing. The protection film is basically invisible. But that’s why it needs to be applied by a professional, otherwise air bubbles can form and they will make your car look ugly.

There are multiple types of PPF on the market, and we will make sure to choose the right one for your vehicle. Don’t confuse PPF with vinyl (commonly known as a “wrap”). Paint Protection Film is much thinner and lightweight, and it also self-heals when scratches occur. A high quality and well applied PPF can offer protection for 5-10 years, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

Paint Protection Orange County

For all types of upholstery and reconditioning services in Orange County, including paint touch up and paint protection, contact Recon Pros today! Our experienced technicians will gladly assist you and fix your problem. Our goal is to provide the best services by working only with the best materials. This way you are getting a job that lasts for years.

No job is too big or too small for us, and we can work with cars, boats, trucks, vans, RVs and even planes. You can find out more info on our website or give us a call at (949) 276-2242.

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