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The Headliner in my car is sagging!

What should I do? Repair, Replace or Restore?

After several years of driving your vehicle, you might start to notice the headliner is starting to sag. An automobile does not necessarily have to be old for this material and foam to start deteriorating. In some cases, this is the result of a faulty headliner installation. But in most cases, it is simply a matter of gravity and deteriorating adhesive. The layers of a headliner consist of the pressboard, foam, and material. Over time, moisture, heat and cold play a role in breaking down the glue that holds all layers together. These conditions can also cause the material to shrink, thus start to pull away from the pressboard. The result is a sagging headliner that eventually will obstruct your view.

Should I Repair my Headliner?

Some have taken this problem into their own hands. One solution used was to simply remove the headliner; but with no headliner your automobile will be colder and noisier. Another simple solution is to use thumbtacks or pushpins. This fix requires no tools, just your hands. However, pins will cause more damage to the pressboard and may work themselves loose over time.

For small repairs such as when a corner is pulling away, some of our customers have tried a fabric glue or spray adhesive. They followed directions carefully and initially it looked perfect. However, within weeks it came loose again. Another customer tried a Trim Adhesive. Unfortunately, it soaked through the cloth so you could see where each dab of glue was.

For larger repairs, customers have tried steaming the headliner. The heat could melt the original glue making it become adhesive again. Next you would press the fabric back into the glue, hopefully, adhering it back to the pressboard. Again, this repair can only last so long.

Should I Replace my Headliner?

The most expensive method to fix a sagging headliner is to replace the whole thing from a dealership. It is also possible to find one at a junkyard. However, a new headliner may not be available, depending on how old your car is. Also, a headliner from a junkyard might not be much better than what is currently on your vehicle. It is a chance you take.

Completely replacing the headliner by a professional is recommended to get it done right.

Customers have attempted to replace the headliner themselves. However, it is a time consuming task, especially when attempting to get it smooth and looking professional.

Should I Restore my Headliner?

An option that is reasonably priced and guaranteed is to have a professional Auto Upholstery shop restore your headliner. Recon Pros Auto has been in business for over 25 years now, serving thousands of clients all over Orange County. We offer a wide variety of services for both the interior and exterior of your car.

How to Restore your Headliner?

The first process is to gather the correct material. A professional can help you determine the perfect match.

Next, we remove anything securing the headliner. We unscrew, unbolt, or unclip anything holding the headliner board to the roof. This includes the rearview mirror, sun visors, handles, seat belt covers and speakers.

Now the headliner board comes out. We need to be very careful while removing the headliner board to avoid damaging it.

We next lay the pressboard on a flat work surface. The material and foam is removed from the board. A wire brush and sandpaper is used to scrape off dried Styrofoam material. Repairs are performed on any damaged areas, for example if any corners were torn.

The new fabric is placed over the board and cut to size.

Next, the board is sprayed with adhesive and the fabric is glued to the board. The fabric is pulled and smoothed so there are no wrinkles; while following the contour working it with our palms and fingertips. We carefully extend the fabric slightly around the edges of the board to avoid material lifting in the future.

Once the adhesive is dry, we cut guide holes. The fabric is covering up all the holes we need to screw into.

Now it’s time to reinstall the headliner back into the vehicle and refit the accessories.

The Headliner in my car is sagging!

Whether your Headliner is sagging or coming loose, or you need any kind of upholstery and reconditioning services, Recon Pros are here to help! You can find out more info on our website or give us a call at (949) 276-2242. We have been in business for many years now and our technicians are well trained and experienced. #headliners #headlinerreplacement #autoupholstery #headlinerreplacementinorangecounty #headlinerreplacementinmissionviejo

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